Shunt Capacitor bank, automatic compensation-TBBZ

Shunt Capacitor bank, automatic compensation-TBBZ


Capacitor bank-TBB/TBBZ

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Overview of TBBZ capacitor assembly

TBBZ Capacitor Sets

Mainly by the TRZ controller, vacuum contactors, high-voltage shunt capacitors, series reactors, fuses (or internal fuses), zinc oxide arresters, discharge coils, disconnectors, post insulators, busbars and fittings.

Multiple groups of automatic switching reactive power compensation devices are based on conventional high-voltage shunt capacitor devices, and a dedicated vacuum circuit breaker and automatic switching controller for capacitor switching are used to achieve automatic group switching of capacitor reactive power capacity. The purpose of on-demand conditioning.


1. Capacitor-dedicated vacuum switches have been used to capacitively switch back-to-back capacitors and withstand shocks. They are suitable for frequent switching.

2, automatic compensation of high precision, small impact, can obtain the maximum effect of reactive power compensation.

3. Each capacitor has overcurrent protection and internal fault protection, which can timely and effectively isolate the faulty capacitor and ensure the overall safe and reliable operation.

Application area

It is applicable to 35kV, 110kV substations, 220kV substations, 500kV substations, 750kV substations in power systems and industrial and mining enterprises; 6kV and 10kV substations for enterprises, and parallel-connected capacitor installations in distribution networks at all levels.

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