Plastic Insulation Control Cable

Plastic Insulation Control Cable


Electric Conductor

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Our plastic insulated control cable is produced in accordance with the GBP330-88 "Plastic Insulated Control Wire" standard. This standard is formulated with reference to the IEC2277.5-79. The XLPE insulated product conforms to the standard of GB12706.1-2002 "Extruded Insulation

This product is used for the connecting wire of electric and instruments in power distribution equipments, playing a part in power transmission. PVC insulated control cable rated voltage 450/750V.
Product Standard
  GB9330-88 plastic insulation control cable standard complies with the standard of IEC227.5-79
Service Performance
  1) Long-term allowance of working temperature of cable conducting core, PVC insulate 70℃
  2) The laying temperature of cable should not be below 0℃
  3) The allowed bending radius of cable
  a. For non-armoured cable, not less than 6 times of cable diameter
  b. For non-armoured or copper-tape-screened cable, not less than 16 times of cable diameter
  c. For non-screened cable, not less than 6times of cable diameter

Plastic Insulation Control Cable 1

Plastic Insulation Control Cable 2

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